Friday, 30 March 2012

A vineyard, a cheap hotel in a weird town, and an Adelaide museum

I worked on a vineyard for a day, picking (shiraz) grapes just outside of Halls Gap. Moyston Hills. Really good wine! Moyston... Anyway, the owners, Bruce and Kay, were fun and they fed us some awesome food/wine. I pretty much got paid to hang out in the sun and eat.

I guess there was an emergency on one of the hiking paths, so I was able to catch this helicopter gearing up. Either that or they were just trying to impress tourists. Either way, mission accomplished.

That's it for Halls Gap. Next place I went to was Horsham. I'm pretty sure Adidas track pants are the local uniform because that's all anyone wore. The entire town is a time warp to 1998. I'm pretty sure yo-yo's and devil sticks are making a comeback there. The hotel was easily the greatest place in the town. Cigarette burns on the carpet, mystery stains in my room and the smell of tobacco and urine caked on the walls. There was a radio built into the wall under the window. I didn't try it, but if I were to guess, it's probably locked on a 24/7 Scorpions and AC/DC station.

This is how I look from the perspective of my nipples

I went to another museum while in Adelaide. That's pretty much the only thing to do here that doesn't cost $500. It's free! So get ready for more boring museum pictures. They're nothing special, so deal with it!


Aw man, minerals?! Yeah, that's right. Minerals.

He's watching you masturbate

Yes, this is Grimace pulling a death train, being led by a big mac. Yes, it's weird and yes it gets weirder.

The following are some lady statues that have been nailed and screwed a lot and oh I think I just got the meaning right now.

These things were EVERYWHERE, humming and buzzing. They didn't even try to hide the fact that the museum was trying to annoy the hell out of everyone.

A bunch of glass dishware hanging from the ceiling. Art is seriously stupid sometimes.

Dat robe. I'd wear it.

That's it for now! I'm driving to Perth, I've decided. So I'll be gone for 10 days or so. WHEEEEE

Thursday, 22 March 2012

The Grampians. Halls Gap, a small, expensive town full of weirdos and over confident cockatoos

I missed my train originally which was sort of funny. I really thought I was taking a bus but was a train. By the time I asked somebody why my "bus" was late, they informed me that it was infact a train and it left 10 minutes ago followed by that look that silently screams "you're too dumb to live." I got that look on 3 seperate occassions trying to find an alternate route. I made it though, jokes on them.

Ok anyway. The Grampian National Park is...a park. A national one. It's about 3 hours west of Melbourne, and 2 hours directly north of Warrnambool, on the coast. It's full of animals and trees. I'll get photos of the animals later, for now it'll just be the hiking and what not. Side note: less mouth breathers here, except for my hostel roommate but...that's a story for another time.

The train ride here

(this is the town I'm in)

This is a stick. It's art. Look at how much art this is.

Our escape path;

Frothy water